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Upcoming Event - February 19, 2020

Your Candidate Experience is All FCDD Up!
Ira S Wolfe, President and Chief Googlization Officer
Success Performance Solutions


 CONTACT:  Marta Griffith at 215-327-2557 or e-mail martagriffith@comcast.net

DATE:               Wednesday, February 19, 2020

TIME:                 8:00 a.m. breakfast followed by presentation (approx. 1-1/4 hr)
PLACE:              Franconia Heritage; Rt 133 and Allentown Rd; Franconia, PA
COST:                 $25/member; $40/nonmember



Past programs:

January 2020: Wage and Hour Issues: Are You Properly Compensating Your Employees; George Hlavac,
     Labor Law Atty, HHE Law
December 2019:  No meeting
November 2019: So, you Think You Know FMLA?; Jeff Stewart, Atty., William and White
October 2019:  Confession of a (Now) Unemployed HR Mgr; George Hlavac, Labor Law Atty, HHE Law
September 2019: Political Discussions in the Workplace; Sarah Fask, Atty., Littler
June:  Roundtable
May 2019:  Today's Relevant Topics, including Pay Data; Michael Ridenour; Atty., Jackson Lewis
April 2019:  Top Trends Impacting HR Policy; JD MAS SHRM-SCP SPHR, FiveL Company
March 2019:  Privacy Rights in the Workplace; Lauren Speziale, Attorney, Gross McGinley LLP
February 2019:  Recent Development and General Q&A Session; George Hlavac, Labor Law Atty, HHE Law
January 2019:  How to Prepare to Be a Witness; Jeffrey Tucker, Atty, KingSpry
December 2018:  No meeting
November 2018: Civility in the Workplace; Eric Meyer, Atty., FisherBroyles
October 2018:  Employment Law Update; Michael Ridenour, Atty., Jackson Lewis
September 2018:  Roundtable
June 2018:  Sexual and Other Harassment in Light of Today's #MeToo Climate; Eric Meyer, Atty.; FisherBroyles
May 2018:  Managing Millenials; Minimizing Generational Conflict, Maximizing Long Term Success; Jackie Kelso,
        PointMaker Communications, Inc.
April 2018:  Recruiting in the Age of Googlization; Ira Wolf; President, Success Performance Solutions
March 2018: snowstorm; program rescheduled for June 2018
February 2018:  Six Smart Strategies for Addressing Today's Serious Skills Gap; Phyllis Shurn-Hannah;
        SHRM Northeast Region Field Services Director
January 2018:  Career Development; Terry Whitaker, BlessingWhite
December 2017:  Roundtable
November 2017:  Employment Law Update; Ivo Becica, Attorney; Obermayer Rebmann
October 2017: Effective Workplace Communication--Promoting a Culture of Success Through Trust and
       Belief; Phyllis Shurn-Hannah; SHRM Northeast Region Field Services Director
September 2017:  Marijuana in the Workplace; John Buckley, Esq.; Norris McLaughlin Marcus, PC
June 2017:  Roundtable
May 2017: The Form I-9: what's new, tricky and deceptively complex; Gregory Eck, Immigration Attorney,
       Obermayer Rebmann
April 2017:  An Update from OSHA:  Scott Shimandle, OSHA Allentown Office
March 2017:  Department of Labor: An Update and Review; Elizabeth Zimmer, DOL Wage and Hour Div
February 2017: HR's Seven Deadly Sins; George Hlavac, Attorney, Norris McLaughlin Marcus, PC
January 2017:  A General Legal Update; Terri Gillespie, Esq., Obermayer Rebmann
November 2016:  The Election and Labor Law and more; Ivo Becica, Atty,; Obermayer
October 2016:  Qualifying Events: A Needed Refresher; Barbara Greenberg, NFP Corporate Benefits
September 2016:  Alcoholism, Addiction, Med Marijuana; Eric Meyer, Atty., Dilworth Paxon
June 2016:  Overtime Changes on the Horizon; Terri Gillespie, Esq., Obermayer Rebmann
May 2016:  Medicare and Work Benefits; Maria Angelucci, Everence Financial Advisors
April 2016:  Today's Workplace Trends; Christine Walters, Atty/Owner FiveL Company
March 2016:  Workplace Investigations; George Hlavac, Attorney, Norris McLaughlin Marcus, PC
February 2016: Handbook Update; George Hlavac, Attorney, Norris McLaughlin Marcus, PC
January 2016:  Roundtable with Terri Gillespie, Attorney; Obermayer Rebmann
December 2015:  No meeting.
November 2015:  HR Legal Update, Terri Gillespie, Esq., Obermayer Rebmann
October 2015:  ACA Update, Joe Ellis, CBIZ
September 2015: Threats in the Workplace, Dr. Diana Sorrentino, Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC
June 2015:  Roundtable
May 2015:  The Thoughtful Case for Background Determinations, Joseph Giamboi SPHR, SHRM-SCP and Louis R.                       Lessig, Esquire, SPHR, SHRM-SCC
April 2015:  Threat Assessment and Management; Dr. Peter Langman, Psychologist and Author
March 2015:  ACA Reporting; Joe Ellis & Deane Brennan; CBIZ
February 2015:  Update Your Handbooks;George Hlavac, Esq.; Norris McLaughlin Marcus, P.C.
January 2015:  Roundtable
December 2014:  No meeting
November 2014:  Legal Update "Ask Jackie", Jacqueline Shulman, Esq., Obermayer Rebmann
October 2014:  Unemployment Comp Update; Beth Mummert, Department of Labor
September 2014:  ACA Update; Joe Ellis, CBIZ
July/August 2014:  No meeting
June 2014:  Medicare Overview for Employers; Joe Ellis and Suzanne McCarney, CBIZ
May 2014:  Psychiatric Illnesses under the ADA; Susan Fahey Desmond, Atty, Jackson Lewis
April 2014:  Roundtable
March 2014:  Workers' Compensation; Trisha Cruz, Associate; Obermayer Rebmann
February 2014:  Handbooks; George Hlavac, Esq.; Norris McLaughlin Marcus, P.C.
January 2014:  Roundtable
December 2013:  No Meeting
November 2013:  A Legal Update "Ask Jackie" with Jacqueline Shulman, Esq.; Obermayer Rebmann
October 2013:  Healthcare Update; Joe Ellis, CBIZ
September 2013: Healthcare Update; John Heinzl, Chris Perillo; CBIZ
July/August 2013: No Meeting
June 2013:  Roundtable
May 2013:  Fiduciary Responsibility; Dean Cimino, Mark Doknovitch; Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
April 2013:  Triangle of Leaves and Wage and Hour; Jacqueline Shulman, Esq.; Obermayer Rebmann
March 2013:  What PPACA Means to Employers; Vince Phillips; Phillips Associates
February 2013:  Workplace Violence and Bullying; George Hlavac, Esq.; Norris McLaughlin  Marcus, P.C.
January 2013:  no meeting
December 2012: no meeting
November 2012:  HR Post Election; Deidre Kamber, Esq.; Kamber Law Group
October 2012:  Controlling Your Unemployment Costs; Stacy Bletz, PA Office of UC Benefits 
September 2012:  Legal Update with Jacqueline Shulman, labor law atty with Obermayer Rebmann
July/August 2012:  no meeting
June 2012:  Roundtable
May 2012:  Roundtable
April 2012:  Job Benchmarking; Assessments for Predictive Performance; Shawn Kent-Hayashi
March 2012:  Strategic Workforce Planning; Nancy M. Licini, SPHR CCP CBP; Workforce Mgr, PPL 
February 2012:  Disagree Agreeably; Donalee Frary, Performance Improvement, Dale Carnegie
January 2012:  Conducting an Internal Investigation; Jeffrey Tucker, atty w/ King Spry
November 2011:  General Legal Update; Jacqueline Shulman, labor law atty with Obermayer Rebmann
October 2011:  Today's NLRB; John MacDonald, atty with Constangy Brooks
September 2011:  Wellness Plans and Employer Liability: Designing and Implementing an Effective and Compliant  Program; Rob Thurston, HR Consulting Group
July/August 2011:  No Meeting
June 2011:  Handbooks/Policies; George Hlavac, Tallman Hudders
May 2011:  Dangers Lurking in the Hiring Process; George Hlavac, Tallman Hudders
April 2011:  Roundtable
March 2011:  401(k) Fiduciary Responsibilities and Legal Update; Noel Wolfe, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
February 2011:  NLRB and the Union: Best Buds; Jonathan Segal, Duane Morris
January 2011:  Affirmative Action presented by the OFCCP; Marlene Williams, Sean Lindsey
December 2010:  No meeting--Happy Holidays!
November 2010:  FLSA Exempt/Nonexempt and General Legal Update; labor attorney Jacqueline
      Shulman,  Obermayer Rebmann
October 2010:  Health Care Reform; Maureen Gammon, John Benson; Willis Group
September 2010:  Social Media, Social Networking & Electronic Records; Deirdre Kamber; Fitzpatrick Lentz
    and Bubba
August 2010:  Roundtable
July 2010:  Roundtable
June 2010:  Roundtable
May 2010:  "Flash-in-the-Pan" Legislative Update; Deirdre Kamber, Esq; Fitzpatrick Lentz and Bubba
April 2010:  HR Metrics for Strategic Business Planning; Christine Walters, FiveL Company
March 2010:  Conducting Effective Investigations; Jacqueline Shulman, Obermayer
February 2010:  Roundtable
January 2010:  OSHA; Scott Shimandle, OSHA
December 2009:  Roundtable
November 2009: Health Care Update; John Benson, Willis
October 2009:  Legal Update; Jacqueline Shulman, Obermayer
September 2009:  Skeletons in Cyberspace; Larry Besnoff, Obermayer
August 2009:  No meeting
July 2009:  Roundtable
June 2009: Roundtable
May 2009:  Pandemics; Jonathan Segal, Duane Morris
April 2009:  Social Security Simplified; Richard Gaudiosi, SSA
March 2009:  I. COBRA; II. Reductions in Force; Jacqueline Shulman, Obermayer; Marta Griffith
February 2009:  EFCA; George Hvalac and Jeff Stewart; Tallman Hudders
January 2009:  FMLA; Rick Grimaldi; Jackson Lewis
December 2008:  Holiday breakfast roundtable
November 2008:  Legal Update; Jacqueline Shulman, Obermayer Rebmann
October 2008:  Harassment; Andy Foose, co-president Brightline Compliance
September 2008:  Work-Life Generational Strategies; John Benson & Maureen Gammon; Willis Group
August 2008:  not scheduled
July 2008:  Roundtable
June 2008:  Roundtable
May 2008:  Mock Trial; Wolf Block Schorr with Jonathan Segal
April 2008:  Violence in the Workplace; Deidre Kamber, King Spry Herman Freund & Faul
March 2008:  Ethics in the Workplace; Pinnacle Group BRS
February 2008: Legal Update and Open Question Period; Jacqueline Shulman, Obermayer Rebmann
January 2008:  Wellness Programs and Benefits Trends; John Benson, Willis Group
December 2007:  Roundtable
November 2007:  Introduction to DISC; Marta Griffith
October 2007:  An Update from the EEOC; Mary Tiernan, EEOC
September 2007:  Retirement, 2nd session; Jim Rowley, Lincoln Benefits Group
August 2007:  Roundtable
July 2007:  Roundtable
June 2007:  The new EEO-1; Jacqueline Shulman, Obermayer Rebmann
May 2007:  Roundtable
April 2007:  Critical conversations; Tom Rhoads, Innovational Services
March 2007:  Retirement, 1st session; Jim Rowley, Lincoln Benefits Group
February 2007:  Roundtable
January 2007:  Workers' Comp 101; Tom Panzer, atty, McNamara, Bolla, Williams & Panzer
December 2006:  "Ask Jackie" best practices; Jacqueline Shulman, Obermayer Rebmann
November 2006:  Intermittent Leave under the FMLA; Jeff Stewart, atty, Tallman Hudders & Sorrentino
October 2006:  Introduction to Myers-Briggs; Cynthia Stengel, CSC Group
September 2006:  FLSA and Paycheck deductions; Rebecca Stevenson, DOL Wage and Hour
August 2006:  Roundtable
July 2006:  Roundtable
June 2006:  Employee Opinion Surveys; Rose Russell, Pinnacle Group
May 2006:  Documentation retention/description; Renee Berger, Spector, Gador & Rosen
April 2006:  Discipline/Harassment/Benefits/FMLA; various speakers
March 2006:  Workers' Comp; Pat Harvey, Ballard Spahr
February 2006:  USERRA Update; Jacqueline Shulman, Obermayer Rebmann
January 2006:  Hiring Outside Business as Usual; Mike Aquilino, Innovational Services
December 2005:  Roundtable
November 2005:  Roundtable
October 2005:  In-depth Workers' Comp; Ballard Spahr, Addis Group
September 2005:  Severance, UC, Reference checks; Jennifer Blum Feldman, Wolf Block

        And more....